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Solid wood furniture

Interiors for you

We can make a beautiful solitaire, or we can take care of the whole interior – we furnish family houses, representative places, but also restaurants, hotels and historical properties.

Where did it begin

MIRLAND company has been placed on the market since 1996 and during this time it earned very strong reputation as a supplier and producer of a quality furniture and interior supplements. At the beginning we were just a small business with only 1 employee. In time our company had grown and as a quality demand increased, in 2004 we have become a manufacturing company. Our priority is a long-term customer service and care. Our unique selling point is comprehensive and all inclusive consulting service, an architect ´s cooperation with interior facility designing and highly accommodating and individual attitude to meet your requirements. Today we have a robust professional team not only in area of designing, but also in workroom and assemblies. For furnishing your interiors we offer not just manufacturing of trendy historical furniture replicas and interior supplements, but also a beautiful modern design furniture designed by leading architects and designers. We make all furniture with a dominance of handwork and classic technological process and therefore every piece becomes an original.

Traditional manufacturer and family company
Tradition, quality, ....

The best of the domain

We are particular about precise workshop manufactory and chosen materials. We make furniture which will please you for tens of years.
Miroslav Landa

Our philosophy

On the trail of quality

We thoroughly choose our materials

First step is to pick a quality wood. We place high demands on our suppliers, which they succesfuly manage to meet. We work only with the best material.

Traditional processes

Taping, clinking and many other technological processes of manufacturing have lasted for ages. We respect proven processes, which make every piece an original. Come to see our production plant so we can introduce to you our team and manufacturing processes we use. We are proud of our handwork and emphasis on quality and eco-friendliness.

Premium quality

As a result of an individual service in each phase is a high quality of our products. If an average is not enough for you, we can satisfy you with unique and high-quality furniture. Not only the manufacture, but also an assembly at customer´s place is very important and that is why it is always done by the joiner who made the furniture.

In compliance with nature

We let the nature to lead us and at the same time we respect the nature in every move we do. All surface finish we use has an ecological base. In our manufacture you can find only organic lacquer and water-diluted paint. Of course certificated. Also all wood we use for manufacturing has a certificate of the origin. Furniture joints like wooden pins and laths comprise irreplacable part of our production. A stain surface is always rubbed into the wood by hand, the same way as the lacquer. No programmable machines, you find only a human hand behind all processes.

Master of craft

The real craft cannot be done by machines, only by a human hand. It is the only way how can something unique with a soul and an energy can be made. Handwork breathe life into the things and this is the secret of masters of joiners. If somebody can make a beauty of uniqueness, than this person is called master of craft.

Miroslav Landa

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