How the furniture comes to existence

Every interior starts with an idea or inspiration. In our catalogue you find many beatifully implemented interiors, which can be a good start for your furnishing. Do not hesitate to bring your own picture, describe your own idea and character of your future interior. Have you go a family coat‐of‐arms? They could be carved into a backrest of each chair? Do you prefer geometric designs or floral motifs in decorative carvings?

We are happy to come and look at  the interior you would like to be furnished. We recommend a suitable solution, if you are not sure — we have the skills and we are happy to advice you regarding modest implementations but also with very decorated interiors. We will measure rooms and project your interior so that it will be a joy to use a comfortable thoughout.Have you always wished forsolid stairs with decorative banister? Wall or ceiling panelling? No problem, do not hesitate to ask us.

We will meet with you regarding the project and ensure all the details are in harmony before we start production. We choose suitable materials to make your interior look pleasant. In our showroom we will be happy to show you all different kinds of wood with different surface and working characteristics. We will also advice you with respect to the functional life expectancy of your furniture.

In our production plant we execute our processes with a great care, every part which makes you furniture sturdy, look great and last for tens of years. Our customer appreciate the long life expectancy of our products, whithin their design and functional character.

We deliver made furniture and install it all  into your interior. Our team of workmen install all furniture in a quality and reliable way, but also stairs, wall panelling and ceiling — exactly what you want to integrate in your interior.


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