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Mirland s.r.o. - logo společnostiMIRLAND company has been operating in the Czech market since 1996 and during this time has gained a very strong reputation as a supplier and maker of quality furniture and interior accessories.

Our priority is delivering long‐term customer care. As a matter of course, we provide advisory work, ensure cooperation of the architect when designing interior furnishings and delivering a highly helpful and individual approach to solving your requirements.

For your interior furnishings, we offer not only the production of modern replicas of historical furniture and home accessories, but also beautiful modern design furniture made of solid wood from eminent architects and designers. We make everything for you with a preeminence of "handmade" processes and classical technological procedures so that every piece becomes an original.

We make engaging solitaire pieces or we can take care of the whole interior — we furnish conference rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, stairs, we reconstruct castle furnishing (even under the trust protection).


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